CSF Inox SpA produces over 600 different kinds of pumps for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, each with all the characteristics necessary to satisfy the most demanding customers.

However the quality of our products would mean nothing without the knowledge of the processes and training to offer the best solutions at the most competitive price!


Standard Design

Available in a wide range of models with closed or open impellers and 2 or 4 pole motors, this well-established series of hygienic pumps can perform an amazing number of applications. The special construction with hand-nuts & clamps allows easy disassembly for inspection and cleaning of the internal components.

Wetted parts are in forged polished plate and investment cast electropolished AISI 316 stainless steel.
Flow rates up to 90 m3/h, heads up to max. 50 m. (5 bar).

Progressive Cavity


The progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement pump with one single rotating shaft. A stainless steel rotor and a rubber stator are the main pumping components. The rotor is a circular section single screw. The rubber stator is vulcanized inside a steel pipe.

Renowned for their versatility, different models are available in a choice of AISI 304, 316 stainless steel or in cast iron. Flow rates up to 130 m3/h, pressures up to 24 bar and temperatures up to 100 °C. Motorisation: direct motor, geared motor, variable speed motor, motor and pulley, gear motor with inverter.

Self Priming

Standard Design

AS series sanitary self-priming pumps.
A close coupled design with independent shaft support and standard IEC motors. The ability of these pump to maintain a vacuum under varying suction conditions, makes them ideal for applications where the incoming liquid contains gas or air, such as vessel scavenging, the handling of foaming liquids or where the suction pipe is only partially flooded.

Prior to the first start-up, they must be initially filled with liquid; subsequently, liquid remains in the pump, allowing rapid selfpriming to occur, even if the suction pipe is emptied.

The construction materials and the quick disassembly design make the AS series particularly suitable for a wide range of applications.



Positive displacement pumps with a sinusodial rotor.

  • Gentle handling of the product thanks to the shape of the rotor and the working without any product slip and death zone.
  • High flexibility for a wide range of customer requirements, products and duties.
  • Very high efficiency.
  • Excellent suction capability.
  • Constant performance even with products having range of viscosities..

Flow rates from 0 to 36 m3/h
Max. pressure 15 bar
Suction capability up to 0,8 bar